Swangz Avenues newbie and signee Zafaran has today officially kicked off her music career after dropping her first single and video. The sensational singer is here to prove to many how her vocals and lyrical maturity is powerful through her song.

The song sweetheart was written by Dokta Brain and Produced by Bomba and the video was directed by Gabriel Kyambadde. Zafaran, real name Josephine Nakyoonyi joined the Music record label Swangz Avenue early last month after signing an undisclosed contract.

In the simple and colourful music video, Zafaran is seen doing moves and gestures of being deeply in love with her long time sweetheart. In the video are scenes of beautiful choreographers that add sauce to the lyrically rich and good song. The costumes that are characterised by cultural wears and outfits bring out her real image of a proud African artiste and these too paint an extra picture that’s eye-catching in the video.

The song is defined by good acoustic instruments and beats giving you access to Zafaran’s vocals and her lyricism. Whereas she sings about her unending love for her intimate handsome sweetheart, the song is also danceable too which will see it hitting lots of airwaves and top countdowns on media platforms.

The lines, “Title ya ma lover kanjikuwe kuba amasanyu ompera mu bandale” are a deliberate jab at the tag- hashing generation that we have become, and an overdue one. Bomba’s signature production style defines the song, with light synth strings and some gorgeous harmonies. Another favourite thing about this song is its littered with bridges, interludes and progressions, aspects that define a new generation of musicians that have tones of technical ability to back their creativity.

Throw in the fact that Sweet Heart is surprisingly a catchy tune and better to grudgingly admit that watching this video and listening to the audio is an enjoyable experience.


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