Cindy Sanyu fails to perform at Dubai Concert. Her reasons are still unclear.

Cindy Sanyu

Singer Cinderella Sanyu, who commonly goes for Cindy ‘The King herself’ must have a lot on her plate. With the ongoing presidential elections for the Uganda Musician’s Association, she is expected to be at her best behavior in order to bag more votes from fellow musicians but she seems to be diverting from this.

Cindy flew off to Dubai to perform at a concert, something that many believed was another kick start to her career, which has been fading over time. Cindy however did not perform however much she was in the Country. To the shock of many revelers, Cindy was in the company of her hubby Prynce Oyuko in her hotel room which she had booked, proving to them that the choice not to perform was indeed hers and not due to unforeseen circumstances.

cindy sanyu

Her reason for not performing as expected is still unclear however as no statement has been obtained from her yet but a lot of rumors have been circulating concerning this. Rumor has it that Cindy was not fully settled by the event organisers hence she decided to stay in the company of her husband rather than perform for revelers at a half price. According to rumor, Prynce refused Cindy to waste her time with working yet she had not been fully settled.

Cindy sanyu

Another word going around is that the event had a disturbingly low turn up, which demoralised the artist and she deemed it impossible to perform for the small crowd that had turned up as it was quite unsatisfactory for her.

Another rumor has it that Cindy was not able to perform because of time restriction, since by the time she was meant to perform, standard time for events was already up so it would be illegal to perform on stage. Cindy has yet to communicate with her fans the reason for her absence however

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