"There is no bad blood, we just don't talk" Lydia Jazmine.

Spice Diana recently hosted her Star gal concert EP which turned out successful for her. Many people of status did show up as invited and Spice Diana’s happiness could be smelt from miles away. Among the invited guests that shocked revelers most was Queen Karma sheebah karungi who was at loggerheads with Spice Diana . They shook hands as they decided to let bygones be bygones, leaving revelers and fellow singers in a daze.

Lydia Jazmine however was anticipated by many revelers to attend the Spice Diana EP and indeed she was someone who revelers were dying to see but from the look of things, Lydia Jazmine did not appear at the function.

Lydia Jazmine

Lydia’s absence however caused brows to furrow as revelers started interpreting her absence as a clear message that there is bad blood between Lydia Jazmine and Spice Diana.

Lydia Jazmine

During an interview with a you tuber however, Lydia Jazmine was questioned about her absence from Spice Diana’s EP and she cleared the air about the rumor of having bad blood with Spice Diana. Lydia mentioned that she did not attend only because she was not invited and she made it clear that there was no enemity between her and Spice, only that the two are not close friends and they do not talk.

There is no bad blood between me and Spice Diana. I really have no issue with her. We just don’t talk and we are not that close but there is no issue between us. I simply did not attend her EP because I was not invited

Lydia Jazmine
Spice Diana

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