"Musicians hate me and if anything, they wish me off media."Kasuku.

Recently, the smallest influencer around the block,Sheila Gashumba came out and started a campaign similar to the one she did on her own birthday when she called upon all those who considered her important to gift her with 1 Million UGX for her birthday. This time however, it is for MC Kats.

MC kats is a popular personality most especially in the eyes of Ugandan musicians for his role in the music industry and how he always does his best to promote the Musicians internationally. Sheila came out to request every artiste that feels they have been helped by MC Kats in any way to reward him with 500,000 UGX for his birthday and as soon as immediately, money started landing on his phone.

MC Kats

This was the beginning of Kasuku’s laments as he mentioned that this act could never be done for him by Ugandan musicians simply because he is aware how much they loathe him and do not wish him well. Kasuku mentioned that he understands why he is hated and it is because he never sugar coats any bad act but goes ahead to criticise musicians once they are in the wrong, an act which has earned him hatred from many musicians.

Kasuku went ahead to mention that only people like MC Kats and Douglas Lwanga would ever be able to win such favors because they don’t criticise the wrongs of musicians and only sugar coat every bad deed, something he can never do because he genuinely wishes musicians well. He mentioned that he knows how badly they hate him since he has clashed with many of them and if anything, they even with him off media.


I know they do not wish me to even stay on media. They can not even reward me with monetary gifts unlike MC Kats simply because I do not sugar coat their bad deeds like he does. I left sugar coating to Douglas Lwanga and MC Kat’s.”


Leticia Nambaziira

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