"Maybe she was not told but I invited every artiste" Spice Diana.

Spice Diana Has come Out to trash the claims that were made by Lydia Jazmine during her interview with a local YouTuber. Lydia Jazmine was asked about her absence from the Star gal EP and whether it had anything to do with her friendship with Spice Diana.

Lydia Jazmine mentioned that she had no beef with Spice Diana but she was as well shocked when she did not receive an invite to the EP. She however mentioned that she and spice are not the closest of friends and they don’t talk so that could have been the reason as to why she was not invited as expected by her fan base.

Lydia Jazmine.

Spice Diana However came out to explain during a press conference Yesterday as she was being unveiled as the new ambassador for Buganda kombucha that it could have been a misunderstanding that Lydia Jazmine did not get her invite but it was surely sent out to her. Spice mentioned that she called a few artistes personally while others were invited through their management and if Lydia was not told then it could not be her fault.

Spice Diana

Every artiste that needed to be invited was invited. No one was left out. Some were called personally while others were called via their management. If Lydia Jazmine did not get her invitation then it could have been a miscommunication

spice Diana.

So it could be that Lydia Jazmine was not told about her invitation or maybe she was not among the artistes that needed to be invited to the Star gal EP.

Leticia Nambaziira

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