He is to appear before the judge on 29th June 2022.

What started up as a Love fued turned into a sticky path for Grenade official and Arab lover who is identified as kilooto. Things went South when Kilooto discovered that Grenade was using witchcraft on her to make her love him to full capacity, something she did not agree with, being a girl from a Muslim community.

According to her narration, Kilooto says when she left Grenade in her house and went for work duties up country, she left him with her sister and upon her return, she found out from her sister that Grenade was always bringing witchcraft into her house. Upon asking him in a bid to confront him, he did not deny the claims at all hence she decided to split up with him.

Kilooto with Grenade

Kilooto then decided to throw grenade out of her home since she wanted nothing to do with him. He however came back to the house and she was displeased. Kilooto then went to police and filed a case of trespassing and threatened violence against him.

Grenade official was then arrested and taken behind bars due to these cases against him. Grenade however pleaded innocent of all the cases that were hurled at him. He is now out of jail as he was granted court bail but he is to appear before the court on 29th June 2022.

Grenade official

Leticia Nambaziira

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