The big question is as to why she was really invited..

Mama Fiina given special invitation to Pastor Bugembe’s concert.

pastor Bugembe’s concert that has been dubbed ‘Katonda wabanaku mweno ensonga’ is Finally here and today is the day and many are in anticipation of this concert. Pastor Bugembe, since last year has been releasing beautiful gospel music in marathon style and some of his latest songs include Katonda wabanaku, katonda yabadde mweno ensonga’, sumulula abasibe e.t.c

Pastor wilson Bugembe did proper announcements for his concert and news was spread far and wide during his advertisement strategies. He mentioned that all the money that is to be collected from this concert is for a good cause, which is to finish construction of his church which is still underway.

Pastor Bugembe

Among the invited guests however, the popular money machine Sylvia Namutebi, who goes by the name mama Fiina has not missed. Earlier in the day, pastor Bugembe had a quest to turn her into a born again Christian and make her abandon her position as the leader of all traditional healers who practice witchcraft in Uganda

The invitation that was given to mama Fiina has raised suspicion of Pastor Bugembe’s followers and fans as some are starting to believe that mama Fiina was invited for monetary gains. Mama Fiina has come to be known as the most generous woman who is not afraid of releasing money to help people financially and many believe the most important reason for her invitation is to help finance the church construction.

Pastor Bugembe and Mama Fiina

The friendship between the two dates from way back since Mama Fiina was even seen attending church service at pastor Bugembe’s church where she always left heavy amounts of offertory, not below 1 Million UGX. We wish pastor Bugembe All the best in this concert.

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