"They are traitors who betrayed their culture and bowed to Colonialism"

As the Christians in Uganda were celebrating the heroic act of the Uganda Martyrs who suffered and were killed at the hands of their merciless oppressor who was the King of Buganda by then, Kabaka Mwanga, Stella Nyanzi refuses to hear of it as she does not consider them heroes but rather traitors of their Kingdom.

Stella Nyanzi has always been known for trashing the current regime but apparently, it is not the only thing she attacks as she has chosen to attack Christians this time around.

Stella Nyanzi

Stella Nyanzi mentioned that all those Martyrs were meant to be lit to ash as they had chosen to follow Christianity, which was embracing Colonialism into the Country which was considered grave betrayal to the Buganda vulture as well as to the Buganda Kingdom.

stella does not mind being hated as she went ahead and mentioned that she only spoke the bitter truth that people were not willing to handle. Stella Nyanzi also mentioned that on 3rd June, she does not celebrate the Martyrs but rather celebrates Kabaka Mwanga for his wise decision to kill off the traitors.

Stella Nyanzi

As a Muganda committed to the thankless project of decolonization, I celebrate Kabaka Mwanga on this national public holiday marked as Martyrs’ Day in Uganda. Those so-called martyrs were traitors who betrayed our Kabaka when they yielded to Christianisation and colonisation. Hate me or love me, I refuse to partake of your colonial celebrations of sell-outs who betrayed Buganda, our king and our norm

stella Nyanzi

Leticia Nambaziira

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