Pastor Bugembe did his part in wowing the revelers that attended his concert that he dubbed ‘Katonda wabanaku mweno ensonga‘. The venue was filled to the brim as he welcomed various revelers who enjoy his gospel music. Having been accompanied by various singers like Levixone the people’s favorite, Nina Roz and many more, every one was excited.

The invitation that caused many to talk however was that of famous traditional healer mama Fiina who has been known as a close friend to pastor Bugembe for a while now as he has tried various times to turn her into a Christian but she has always been rigid.

The massive turnup at the concert

As usual, mama Fiina never disappointed as she moved with her pockets full of a wag of cash just to appreciate the artistes that graced the stage. Well she has always been the biggest fan of pastor Wilson bugembe so as soon as he graced the stage, she almost ran to shower him with money.

An incredibly joyful Pastor Bugembe was witnessed struggling to stay on his feet ans the money was overwhelmingly a lot, nearly forcing him to fall on his knees as the cash was gracing the entire floor around him.

Pastor Bugembe

This is when many started criticising his act of recieving juju money and using it for the work of God, calling the money dirty money that came from witchcraft. Revelers mentioned that he needed to pray for salvation for mama Fiina but here he was worshiping her money.

A few however took his side, mentioning that he was entitled to recieving gifts from all his fans regardless of who they are. Some even criticised that he had invited world music artistes to a gospel concert, a mix that was uncalled for.

Leticia Nambaziira

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