Many believe he is going through a phase like depression and he is trying to stay away from toxicity.

Fashion Sensation and CEO of Abryans collections, Abryans has shocked Netizens after swiping off his social media accounts of Instagram and snap chat. For a person who has worked so hard to build his brand as well as to increase his following on these platforms, it is very wierd for him to delete the accounts out of the blue.

Without a warning, Abryans ran to his Instagram and Snapchat and scrapped them off, not minding about losing his huge sum of followers or his platforms where he has been advertising his clothing line as he he has been reaching various clients on his socials.

Netizens as well as many of his followers believe that something is going on with the designer because someone can’t just decide to lose such a huge following and an important platform most especially in his line of work.

Many believe that it could be depression since most people tend to run from social media when they are in that state. There are also speculations that the platforms are no longer in the hands of the fashion major because they could have been hacked hence deleted.


We shall keep you posted when we receive a statement from Abryans about his accounts deletion.

Leticia Nambaziira

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