Netizens are claiming it is not a new car, rather a used car.

Lynda Dane has turned to her social media to celebrate her newly acquired achievement which is a beautiful BMW x series Germany made machine. As we speak, Lynda Dane has left the league of boda boda and taxi hustles and has joined the rich clan of fuel purchasers.

Lynda dane could not hide her excitement as she turned to her socials to share the good news with her wonderful followers. She posted pictures of herself leaning against her beautiful new ride and also while seated in the front seat, holding the steering wheel with a huge smile on her face.

Lynda Dane with her new ride

Lynda received many congratulations after all acquiring a new ride is never easy. Jealous Ugandans also never disappoint however as they started their criticisms, mentioning that the car did not even look new but it looked used hence there was no reason to be so overjoyed as to take a pictorial for it.

Having blurred the number plate of the vehicle as Lynda Dane posed Infront of it, Netizens still went ahead to question her decision to blur the number plate. Many came up with a conclusion that the car did not belong to her but rather she was just using it to pose for pictures just for show.

Lynda dane

These statemens from haters have however not deterred the happiness from the over joyed Presenter about her newly acquired car.

Leticia Nambaziira

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