He says she is only a wonderful friend and work mate.

MC Kats made news during his second edition of his ‘King of the Mic‘ tour that was staged in Mbarara recently. He gave most of his attention to his ex baby mama Fille mutoni, leaving many in doubt of whether he was just being nice to his baby mama or he was trying to woo her into a fresh start.

Amidst all the confusion, MC Kats did not forget to thank Caroline Marcha for picking him up during his worst state and helping him struggle back on his feet. He mentioned that he was slowly wilting away but she gave him a hand and helped him back on his feet, something he would never forget.

MC Kat’s and caroline

MC Kats had Lost his balance and many believed he was going to die. He however agreed to go for rehabilitation and to top that off, he went ahead to confess his HIV status to the public, making him an inspiration to many living with HIV. Since then, his career has been soaring high with campaigns all over the country. He says it was all with the help of Caroline.

To the shock of many however,despite always showing public acts of affection towards Caroline , he denied having a relationship with her yet again, saying she was just a good friend.

Caroline is only a good friend. She has been there for me and lifted me up during my terrible times. I have her to thank for my recovery.

MC kats
MC Kat’s and caroline

Many have however Mentioned that he only denied her because of his ex baby mama Fille’s presence and he may be trying to woo her into a relationship which made him deny his current lover.

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