Cindy says she still needs some time in leadership to validate their achievements.

Singer and incumbent president of the Uganda Musician’s Association Cindy Sanyu who popularly goes by her nickname ‘The King herself‘ has come out to praise the UMA presidency seat for having given her another view of life which she never knew before and helping her to mature in more than one way.

Cindy mentioned that the responsibility that was accorded to her as she took this seat has helped her mature mentally and have a broader perspective of life, something which she will never forget. Cindy mentions that she believes she still needs another term in office so as to make the Association more stable and to consolidate all their achievements so far.

Cindy Sanyu

UMA elections are going on right now, pressure is on. Lemme just say no-matter what the outcome is I am grateful for the time I served as president.I have learnt so much and grown a whole lot. I am wiser and better as a result of that seat.I still think we need continuity in order to consolidate our achievements, gain strength and stability. Vote wisely.

cindy sanyu
Cindy Sanyu performing

The voting for the new cabinet was stopped before it could be completed on Monday and the association is yet to set new dates for the voting process to occur.

Leticia Nambaziira

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