Stella nyanzi is still out to get the Ghetto president Bobi wine, accusing him of forgetting what the struggle of the opposition is all about. Stella nyanzi, a writer and activist accused Bobi wine of embracing a life of valor and forgetting his previous goal of making the poor population stand out from the oppression of the rule of the dictator.

Yesterday as the president of Uganda, His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was giving a state of the Nation address about the financial budget that is yet to be released, Bobi wine also gave an address of his own. According to bobi wine, his address was meant to help the masses find solutions to the flactuating prices if commodities, something the president had failed to do in his previous speech.

Bobi wine

His speech however, did not please the unapologetic Stella nyanzi who mentioned that Bobi Wine has lost his way to the liberation of Ugandans from the arm of the oppressor. Stella Nyanzi mentioned that his speech was not a solution because people could not feed on good English and statistics as provided by Bobi wine.

Stella further mentioned that the masses are hungry due to hiked prices of food and they are smelly due to the hiked prices of soap and yet Bobi Wine dares to stand before them all dolled up in a suit and well shaved and showered. This only proves he is no different from the dictators themselves.

Listen up, Ka-blaza! Take off that suit, tie and pin-stripped white shirt. Put on your overalls instead! Unfold your diplomatically clasped hands humbly held as if you are praying the Mirembe Maria prayer. Raise high your defiant fist, exposing rebellious under-arm kaweke hair. Stop combing your trimmed hair and instead grow again your dreadlocks

stella Nyanzi.
Bobi wine

She mentioned that there was no fire in his speech but rather a bunch of good English and Statistics, saying he is no different from the dictator himself. Stella mentioned that his speech was dry and needed to be worked on if the opposition was to help the hungry masses.

Watching Bobi Wine’s sad State of Nation Address left me dry, low and disappointed. There were neither solutions for the local masses nor guidance about how to free ourselves from the escalating prices amidst the dictatorship’s

stella Nyanzi
Stella Nyanzi

Leticia Nambaziira

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