"I did not bleach. Haters are just spreading wrong rumors about me." Crysto Panda

Very many artistes who were seen as they made their maiden appearances on camera way back in the day are recorded to have been dark skinned but after their gained fame and better income status, they have turned instantly light skinned, making them almost unrecognizable.

This is majorly seen with the female singers who have turned light. Many mention that they are only looking after their bodies well after landing a big amount of money. They attribute their color change to a glow that comes from being wealthy and most of them deny bleaching.

Crysto panda

Crysto Panda has been accused of being one of the few men who started bleaching after they gained fame. It been going around as Netizens claim he was not light skinned before he got the money. Crysto Panda came out to mention that he never bleached but rather took good care of his skin after landing some money, hence the glow.

It’s not that I’m bleaching. It’s just that when I started getting more income, I started to take care of myself. That’s why I look this good. There is no way I could bleach myself. Those are just haters spreading this nonsense about me

Crysto panda.
Crysto panda

Leticia Nambaziira

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