They say she has no right to arrest anyone for abusing her yet she has the foulest mouth in the Country.

Recently, presidential advisor Full Figure decided to wage war on every person that abused her via social media or anyone that tried to tarnish her reputation. Recently she got the young Tik toker Dr. Cephco arrested and he has been remanded to kitalya for five days.

A few days after the arrest of Dr. Cephco, she also got Simple k arrested for claiming that he is the father to her baby girl Museveni Pearl. Many Tık tokers and gossip mongers came out to apologise to Full Figure after learning of this and they did this in order to avoid jail. Gossip mongers Kay’s was among the people who came out to apologise to Full Figure.

I will hunt down and arrest everybperson that is tarnishing my name or abusing me unnecessarily

full figure
Full figure

The kadamas have however had enough as they mention that they have been constantly bashed by full Figure and they therefore demand for an apology from her. They went ahead to say that if she fails to apologise, she will be taken to the courts of law and the law will deal with her harshly. The Kadamas (maids working in Arab countries) mentioned that she has no right to arrest anyone abusing her because she is the queen of abusiveness.

Full figure

The Rights For Maids are calling a press conference scheduled to take place today at 2pm on Salaama Road along Luwafu Road with a theme ‘Kadama Lives Matter’. They demand for an apology or else Full Figure will face the law.

Leticia Nambaziira

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