She does not deserve the UMA seat. She had her time and failed to utilise it- sheebah

This is a war that will never come to an end. When Singer Cindy Sanyu was speaking during an interview, she called sheebah a dummy who can never even write her own music and manage her content because she needs people like Jeff kiwa to support her career unlike the self proclaimed King herself’ who was able to manage everything on her own.

Sheebah did not receive this criticism so well however much she did not send back a response to her long term enemy. Sheebah was also criticised by Cindy even after going through a tough ordeal of sexual harrasment, something that put her off, showing her that the enemity between them would never be written off.

Cindy sanyu

Sheebah however got a chance to hit back at Cindy during an interview. Sheebah showed support for King Saha to take over the UMA leadership saying that Cindy wanted the seat yet she is a showoff who doesn’t even want to speak to the artistes yet she needs to interact with artistes in order to push the association further into the international scale.

How will Cindy be a president for artists when she can’t talk to her fellow artists.

Let’s stop that jazz of “I know it all” or I have been in this thing from way back. That doesn’t matter. We need to start organizing our association and push it forward. And I think King Saha is the person to do that

Sheebah karungi

Leticia Nambaziira

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