He says the heartbreaks he has gone through have made him a better man.

There was previosly a rumor about Pastor bugembe having held a secret wedding ceremony where he invited very few close friends in a bid not t call public attention to himself. When investigated further however, snoops discovered that Pastor Bugembe had not been in any ceremony of the sort at the said time where he was wedded.

This has left very many Netizens as well as many of his fans disappointed because they expected him to have met a lovely woman and settled with her already. Very women women have been glued to him with many people mentioning that he had found love at last, only to hit a dead end.

Pastor Bugembe

Recently however during an interview with NTV after his famous concert that was attended by many revelers, he mentioned that he was seeing a young and beautiful lady and he was only praying for God to clear the path for him so that this relationship can turn into the next big marriage.

I have my eyes on someone. I pray that God guides me through this journey and i pray that this lady is the right one for me.

pastor Bugembe
Pastor bugembe

He went ahead to assure all his fans that he is very confident that he will make a very good husband because he has been humbled and moulded by very many life experiences and also heartbreaks. We wish him the best in his new journey.

Leticia Nambaziira

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