Musia says he lent him money without signing any form of agreement because they are friends.

When Sheebah decided To quit her long term label, Team No Sleep, many were quite sure she would feel a heavy blow and she would be be the same. She is still glowing and growing however as it is witnessed that her solo careers kicked off well however much there was a lot of criticism from may fans who wanted to see her back to the Record label.

The same can’t be said for Jeff kiwa and Team No Sleep however because apparently, since sheebah left, Jeff kiwa has been detoriorating in his finances. He apparently reached to a point of borrowing a lot of money, totaling to 300Million from his best friend who has only been identified as Musia.

Jeff and sheebah

According to voice recordings obtained by Sanyuka TV’s Uncut show, Musia and his other friends were allegedly heard backbiting Jeff Kiwa.The group talked about how Jeff has separated with many people over his failure to clear his debts. Musia then proceeds to reveal that Jeff owes him over 300m shillings.

As they pondered what he used that large amount of money for, Musia mentioned that there was a time singer Roden Kabako who is signed to the label wanted money and Jeff Kiwa was in no position to pay him so he borrowed money from Musia and paid Kabako a total of 7 Million shillings.

He also mentioned that he later returned with problems, mentioning that someone was bewitching him and he could not sleep at night so he asked for more money to go and solve the witchcraft issue. Musia says he gave him the money even without signing any agreements because they had been rounds for such a long time and there was trust between them.

Jeff and Rahman, Sheebah

It is alleged however that Jeff ran totally bankrupt ever since sheebah left the label because she was a good money making machine so it was indeed a loss for Jeff Kiwa to lose an artist like her.

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