He says they have stayed in power for too long and need to step down.

Singer Allan Toniks has come out to make an outcry about the Uganda Musician’s Association vote rigging saga after the voting was halted and nullified on Monday early last week. Allan is contesting to be the UMA treasurer. He has been known to keep his silence but it has become too worrying for him to keep his silence.

Toniks mentioned that the biggest problem that UMA hadis the incumbent President Cindy Sanyu and the general secretary Phina Mugerwa who have refused to willingly step down as they disclose their selfishness because they apparently want the leadership seats again.


Toniks mentioned that the two old ladies have been leaders for quite a long time and almost every artiste is talking about how fed up they are with their regime but still the old ladies won’t badge because all they want is to hold power within the association.

It’s not fair for two people to sabotage the progress of an association. If things must be done based on what two people want it means that we are exalting the two people instead of the interests of the Association,” Allan Toniks lashed out.


Toniks mentioned that he believes without these two leaders, the association will be able to reach furthest in glory and promote artistes Internationally.

Leticia Nambaziira

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