She however says she will not put up with anyone abusing her over that issue.

Leila Kayondo and sK Mbuga were deeply in love and they were all over the internet for the ’50, shades of grey’ type of romance that was characterised of money and bliss. Leila was shown the lavish life as Mbuga showered her with money and love,making her his queen and worshipping her. Leila also was a big spender and many commented that she spent the money as if she was the one earning it.

When the seperation came up however, Leila Kayondo was then quick to mention that she was never really happy with SK Mbuga and it was just not right being with him. Their love came collapsing real fast that not even lightning could match up to the speed.

Leila k

Last month, Leila came out to get things off her chest, mentioning that Mbuga was a good for nothing, he was uneducated and he was an unethical fool. With all these insults, she mentioned that he only fell in love with women as long as they had accents or spoke a foreign language and that is how much of a fool he is.

As if that was not enough, Leila mentioned that Mbuga was always boasting for nothing because he had never been a lion in bed, not even an antelope. This caused an uproar on many media sites as she received criticism for calling Mbuga all that because he had supported her, taken care of her and given her an easy and lavish life.

Leila k

Leila , upon being criticised has come out to record a broadcast, asking for forgiveness from anyone who felt offended by what she said about Mbuga. She mentioned that she was not sorry for getting everything off her chest but she is sorry for offending her fans and her family.

I have made a vow to my mother. I will never mention sK Mbuga ever again. I intend to keep that promise. I am really sorry about offending my fans out there as well as my family.

Leila k.

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