He cancels all his shows so as not to risk his life and that of many of his fans.

Soul singer Maurice Kirya had a concert slated for today, 13th June at Levels. Many of his fans had high expectations for the show and were in anticipation of this show for quite a while.

The sad news however is that Maurice Kirya will not be able to perform for his fans after he tested positive for COVID-19 and is therefore off to a self quarantine until he is safe enough to mingle with the public again.

Maurice Kirya

Maurice kirya made it clear in his apology to his fans as well as the events organizers about his inability to perform as he would be risking his life as well as the many lives of his fans who are meant to show up at his

To my fans and friends, I will not be able to perform at Levels tomorrow (Monday 13th) as today I tested positive for COVID-19. I would like to extend my profound apologies to you all and the management of Levels for the inconvenience that this might have caused.

Maurice Kirya

Maurice Kirya

we pray for a quick recovery for the soul singer.

Leticia Nambaziira

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