Singer Exodus recently came out during pastor Bugembe’s famous ‘Katonda wabanaku’ concert where he threw himself on his knees and admitted to having drunk alcohol as the rumors previously had it. He mentioned that he was an alcoholic before but he had quit and he was not going to let himself slide back into that prison.

Exodus has however made another shocking revelation after he came out to mention that he underwent a series of depression and it all started at the time when he lost his parents. People may thing he got over this part but it has been affecting him ever since.

Exodus mentioned that in December 2018, he thought of ending his own life due to the phase of depression he was going through. This is the time when he started drinking himself senseless because he had been pushed away by people he had called his own and also, he had felt betrayed by the church at the time.

He mentions that he attempted to get drunk and drive recklessly so as to cause an accident but he did not die from the accident he caused himself but rather God gave him a second chance to right his wrongs.

Exodus went ahead to mention that he is to right his wrongs seeing that God gave him a second chance . He narrates that his madness of wanting to kill himself has long stopped and it won’t happen again.

Leticia Nambaziira

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