This is called hypocrisy- Isma Olaxess

Recently, isma Olaxess, an NRM famous blogger has come out to tell sheebah to get off her high horse and stop disguising herself as a feminist who fights for her fellow women and wishes them the best.

When sheebah came out and attended spice Diana’s EP launch, she came forward to the stage and hugged off the beef with Spice Diana, mentioning that she loves her and cares for her. She also mentioned that she loves to see women empowering fellow women because she is a feminist.

Sheebah k

Isma Olaxess however disagrees and mentions that the term feminist and the name sheebah should not be in the same statement. Sheebah Karungi, according to Isma lost this previllaged when she came out to take a man’s side (King Saha) in the UMA presidency. This could not have been the major issue but she went ahead to troll Cindy Sanyu , displaying personal beef on her.

Isma mentioned that that was not the definition of women empowering fellow women because she instead put a woman down mentioning that she is unfit for leadership. Isma said women who are feminists never put fellow women down and trample on them.

Sheebah k.

Leticia Nambaziira

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