He says he is thankful to God for another chance in life.

During service and prayer at the Nansana based church Worship House church led by pastor Wilson Bugembe, Mr. Lee from the singing group B2C music narrated the ordeal he went through as he survived to get clobbered by a group of six armed thugs.

According to Mr. Lee, as he was heading home from late night partying, he drove his car at a reasonable speed. He then saw something alarming as he saw a boda boda cyclist following closely behind him and yet the road was empty since it was very late in the night.

Mr. Lee

He narrates that he however dId not mind this too much and thought it was just a normal cyclist passing by. Ahead of him however, he saw tough looking officers clad in an army uniform and they immediately stopped his vehicle, telling him to pull over.

As a law Abiding citizen, Mr. Lee pulled his car over only to be put on gun point and to be robbed of all his valuables. Mr. Lee narrates that he was left lying on his body, shaking from head to toe in fear.

Mr. Lee

Mr. Lee is very grateful to God for having survived death because he was left with out any physical harm to him.

I am just very thankful to God that I walked away from all that unscathed. This is just another chance at living that God has given me.

mr. Lee

Leticia Nambaziira

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