He says he begged her to return to him but she got married to another man.

Even the fans and followers of pastor Bugembe are tired of telling him to get a woman and tie the knot and start a family. Every time all these things are mentioned, Pastor Bugembe writes it off, mentioning that he will soon settle in marriage which turns into another false promise.

Pastor Bugembe openly talked about his previous heartbreak and how he was quickly replaced by his Nkuba kyeyo girlfriend after she broke up with him and immediately got entangled with another man, leading the marriage between his ex and her new man.

Pastor Bugembe

Pastor Bugembe then mentioned that it was his fault however and he had failed to give her enough time and she tried to wait patiently but she lost her patience and decided to move on. He however said he truly loved her despite his selfishness so when she left he was entirely heart broken.

It is true she waited and ran out of patience. I made decisions and she was not a priority. She left me and got married,” Bugembe said in a recent media interview. When she left me, I was heartbroken and thought she would come back. She used to stay abroad. Sometimes I had to travel out of the country to beg her to return to me.” He said

Pastor Bugembe

Pastor Bugembe was asked how his ex was now doing in her marriage and he mentioned that he is not a stalker so he can’t keep checking how she is every now and then because it is poisonous.

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