Go to the villages and grow cassava.Leave the city to the youths!

The current state of the nation has left literally everyone torn apart. From the ever growing commodity prices, to the on and off institution based public servants riots, the never ending greed among both opposition and NRM MPs, and now the recent surge in the Covid-19 cases.

Recently during one of his public address, the president of Uganda H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni wowed almost every Ugandan when he told them to start eating cassava if bread was expensive. This was at a time when commodity prices were increasing at rocket speed. To many of Ugandans, this was not what they expected from the fountain of honor and they seemed rather ‘disappointed.’ Since then, the statement has grown into a social media meme used by both internet warriors and legislators.

Some of the memes that were made out of the president’s Cassava-for-Bread statements

Earlier on today, the Deputy Secretary to the Ministry of Finance and Development’s treasury Mr. Patrick Ocailap came out with a message to Ugandans demonstrating against the crazy commodity prices whose rise doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. According to Mr. Patrick, these people are focusing their energies to the wrong direction;

“Those people rioting over commodity prices are wasting time. They should instead channel that energy to the villages. Let them go and plant cassava and leave the city to the youths so they can get money from the Emyooga program to be able to start businesses.” Said Mr. Patrick. Former FDC party president, Dr. Kiiza Besigye has since then been at the fore front of the demonstrations against commodity prices and has been in prison after being arrested at his last attempt to hold a strike in the city center. Putting Mr. Patrick’s words into context, was he also telling Beisgye to head to the village?

After such words coming from the Finance ministry, the ordinary Ugandan seems to be left in the space, with no one to rescue them from the fincial constraints. Who even has time for them when their ‘darling’ MPs are busy feasting on the alleged 40m Ugshs each?


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