They say they used it to benefit their constituencies.

Some NUP MPs tell their principal Bobi Wine that they can not return the money because they have already used it up.

Recently, shocking news stormed the internet waves about how the opposition Maps as well as the NRM mPs had received a bonus of 40 Million Uganda Shillings. This money allegedly did not come through their bank accounts but rather,they were called to collect it.

According to the NUP president, this money came in illegally hence it is not right to take this money. Amidst the chaos of the high commodity prices and the suffering of masses, everyone is wondering why the Members of parliament are receiving such huge bonuses, moreover secretly.

Bobi wine

The Kassanda South MP Frank Kabuye admitted that he was also called in to pick the money from the Speaker’s résidence which he refused to do because he believes that the government should pay all leaders via their electronic accounts so this money must have been dirty money. He therefore refused to go and pick it up.

Bobi wine, upon commanding all the NUP Leaders to take back that money because it was a betrayal to voters received shocking news as some MPs told him they had already used the money. Some mentioned that they were swimming in debts and therefore they immediately paid off the debts with that money. Others mentioned they used the money to help their constituencies in Development issues.

Bobi wine

We are the living hope for our voters, so when we get such money we welcome it to cater for our voters because each and every problem they get we are the ones who come in to help.


Bobi wine is however angry and he mentioned that whoever did not return the dirty money to it’s source was to be punished very harshly by the party.

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