Pastor sempa says Ziza Bafana's music does not glorify God.

Controversial pastor Sempa has never been afraid to speak out his mind. For so long now, he must believe that he is a minister of ethics and integrity or something closely related to that.

Not so long ago, Pastor Sempa had a bone to pick with a singer known as Nisay P who was an upcoming artist by then and had a collabo with famous Galaxy FM deejay Nimrod entitled ‘ Mama Kabina‘. He mentioned that the lyrics were too vulgar and they did not glorify God.

Ziza Bafana

Pastor sempa has now waged the war on singer Ziza Bafana and his music. He believes that Bafana should adjust his music to something more suitable for Listener’s to enjoy rather than the vulgarity he keeps on spewing in the name of dancehall music.

No one knows why pastor Sempa takes time to listen to the lyrics of Ziza Bafana’s secular music and internalize them to acquire their meaning however. Pastor Sempa mentioned that he is vowing to fight Ziza Bafana to either change his music or leave the music scene all together if he can not sing anything worthwhile.

Ziza Bafana

Mbuzi, Nsolo. Those are Bafana songs but the lyrics are unacceptable. I will fight such music

pastor sempa.

Leticia Nambaziira

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