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Events Organizer Balam Barugahare advises musicians to retain Cindy sanyu for UMA presidency

Events organizer Balam Barugahare has come out to advise musicians to retain their incumbent president for the Uganda Musician’s Association after the attempted and failed methods of casting votes in a bid to replace her.

Even the online Voting was Recently halted by the aspiring president king Saha after he stormed the headquarters, begging for the elections to be halted since it seemed only musicians in Kampala were most likely to vote, abandoning other districts. This has made the association incur many costs as the voting process is taking longer than expected.

Saha and cindy

Balam has gone ahead to advise that UMA should maintain their current leader as they mobilise for money to carry out a proper election process because theg have had to face cancellation twice.

Saha and cindy

UMA should let the lcurrent president continue running the Association as they look for money to conduct a national election. If they don’t do this and let only Kampala artists vote, they will be sued because this is not a regional election


Halima Namakula had also suggested to get buses to aid in the transportation of other musicians from different districts, something that Balam does not think will work because the districts are too many hence only musicians in Kampala may be able to vote for the leaders.

Their proposition of securing buses might fail. This is because there are over 140 districts with about 50-60 artists that might have registered. That requires about 140 buses to transport them which they also dont have


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