"If there's any matter that requires our collective support, it is the PDM."

The government of Uganda has moved a step farther in its quest to eradicate poverty among Ugandans. This time round, Parish Development Model (PDM) is the weapon. With over 1 trillion Ugandan Shillings availed for the program, it’ll take involvement of almost all responsible parties.

While attending Members of Parliaments’ induction at Imperial Royale Hotel-Kampala, the prime minister of Uganda, Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja requested MPs to get involved in the program, not only as legislators but also as concerned Ugandans. “We have a matter that government recently launched, that is the Parish Development Model. If there’s any matter that requires our collective support, it is the PDM.” said Hon. Nabbanja

The Parish Development Model is a government program aimed at fighting poverty among Ugandans on a parish level basis. Each parish is expected to receive 100m Ug Shs to boost household incomes. The program has however been receiving mixed reactions since its introduction. Opposition MPs have since claimed that this is another money laundering scheme by the government.

Hon. Nabbanja also informed MPs that model aims at changing 39% of Ugandans from the no-cash economy to the cash economy. “Colleagues, we must deal with poverty among our constituencies and increase household income. When the livelihoods of our people have improved, the pressure to meet their personal demands will also reduce.” added Hon. Nabbanja.

The history of Uganda and the government’s move to “fight poverty” once and for all is not a good one. Billions of money have disappeared not once, not twice through thin air. Will this new program finally work or “time will tell?”


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