She says the government is willing to educate all the young girls practicing prostitution.

Recently, Bad Black started a project where she calls upon young girls to return to school, ofcourse with the help of the government, being sponsored by Speaker Anita Among which is willing to fund young girls who want to embrace education.

Bad Black came to the scene of Uganda’s fame as a prostitute, one who was never afraid to announce to the entire World that she earned a living through prostitution. She seemed proud of it that her happiness seemed to encourage those that were in the business to keep up the ‘good work’

Bad Black

After falling in love with her toy boy Asha panda however, she seems to have changed her mind about prostitution and having such a life style all together. Bad Black was also made the ambassador for Victoria university, something that added more value to her life.

She then recently decided to come out and call all young girls that paraded their bodies on the streets to quit that life style and try to embrace education, mentioning that the government was willing to aid with the financing. She said she faced very many challenges while doing prostitution and no one deserves to live that kind of life.

Bad Black

I am calling upon all girls trading themselves on streets to stop. The government is ready to educate these girls and give them skills to make money. I don’t want girls to be like me because I went through a lot although I was lucky I got successful

Bad black.

Leticia Nambaziira

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