South African based promoter named Zaina Namuwonge is accusing singer Jose Chameleon of threatening her life via phone calls and also hiring cheap goons to pursuade her to leave him alone and stop pestering him.

zaina mentions that she was warned that if anything happens to Jose Chameleon, she will be in for a treat so she better leave him alone and never even think of looking for him ever again.

Jose Chameleon

Promoter zaina mentioned that she however has no interest in doing any harm to Jose Chameleon because if she wanted to, she would have already harmed him dur to all the pain he has been causing her since 2015.

Zaina mentioned that she booked Chameleon to go to South Africa to perform at an event, trusting him with a total amount of 18 Million Uganda Shillings but he disappointed her and did not go for the show yet he has the guts to appear in South Africa for other shows. She mentioned that he has still refused to refund her money as well.

Jose chameleon

Promoter Zaina mentions that she has been left with so many debts and yet he refuses to pay her money but spares money to buy off goons to threaten her into leaving him alone.

Leticia Nambaziira

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