She says she is also a but young to get involved in the temptation of dating.

Singer Rahma Pinky seems to be doing well in the music industry ever since she was signed by Team No Sleep. Singer grenade Official was also signed by the same record label and the two have been working together recently due to the fact that they signed under the same label.

Recently, images of Rahma Pinky enjoying a beautiful time with fellow singer Grenade rounded the internet. The pair was having a wonderful time at Kitende Stadium. This took Netizens by surprise because they know Grenade usually loves his meat over cooked and not too juicy.

Rahma pinky

The pair fueled up the rumor when they were seen releasing a song together titled ‘picha’. Many mentioned that the two could be doing things the Andre and Nina Roz style. Rahma however came out to clear the air during an interview, mentioning that she and Grenade work together but he is nothing more than a good brother.

Grenade is not a bad guy but he is just like a brother to me. Yes, because we work under the same Record label management. There is no strings attached. am officially turning 18 years in July. A lot has changed in my life ever since I joined the showbiz industry. Ever since I joined the music industry have been in good and safe hands that I have not faced a lot of temptations” she said.

Pinky and Grenade

Leticia Nambaziira

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