Singer Bebe Cool recently survived death narrowly when an unknown gunman made him quake with fear and wet his pants as he held a gun to his head. Luckily for Bebe Cool, his security personnel still had a few useful antics and was able to rescue him from the cave of death.

Bebe cool and his security personnel were able to drag the gunman to a nearby police station but as soon as he had been arrested by the police, a gang of gunmen appeared at the station, threatening lives of many officers as they tried to resvue their colleague, something they managed to do with ease.

Bebe cool

Stella Nyanzi, famous activist who is related to Bebe Cool being his cousin recently came out to rant after the attack on bebe Cool, taunting him that he made the wrong choice in camping with NRM because they were the injustice that society needs to get rid of.

Stella mentioned that Bebe Cool should stop being the booty licker to Museveni because it could end up costing him his dear life since he may even be the one sending him thugs to finish him off.

Bebe cool

Imagine spending so many years and resources serving a monster who offers no protection from his armed baby monsters! Licking Museveni’s bums, licking Museveni’s bloody boots, licking Museveni’s smelly feet, licking Museveni’s ring will not protect you from Museveni’s violent unjust system


Leticia Nambaziira

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