Things went south the moment he lost his management.

Freeboy did dominate the music scene after he released his first ever hit alongside the swangs avenue songbird Winnie Nwagi which was dubbed ‘Kwata esimu‘. This was freeboy’s break though song and after listening to it, he gained a huge following and many were embracing his music with arms open wide.

The bliss was shortlived for Freeboy however as he lost his manager known as Treggy Godwin in 2021. This is when things went South for him as he failed to release any more music.

Winnie Nwagi and fire boy(kwata esimu’ video)

Freeboy was able to make a statement about his current situation where he mentioned that because of low finances, he was forced back into the village where he devided to settle as living in the capital city proved to be expensive.

He mentioned that he has very many songs written down and ready for production and he also has very many songs recorded and stuck in studios due to issues with finances. Freeboy said the only thing he needs is a manager and finances because if he gets a manager, his career will make a good kick start.


I lost my manager who was the man behind everything. We had planned a lot but now I don’t have management to help me with my career. It’s the main reason I am not releasing music


Leticia Nambaziira

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