Recently, video of MC Kats cacooning in a dark corner with baby Mama and alleged ex lover Fille Mutoni made round on social media, confirming the rumor that the two were most definitely back together. They have frequently also been spotted together, a sign that they are going strong.

MC Kats also took the initiative to come out and explain to the World that he was not with Caroline Marcha and he took the chance to lable her as just a friend( the audacity!) Kats mentioned that Caroline had been there for him when no one else was and she lifted him up when he was staggering, pulling him back to his feet.

Caroline Marcha with Jacob Omutuuze in the viral video

This made the confirmation to online inlaws that Kats was officially back with Fille seeing as he was denying the same lady he always sent sweet messages to, lamenting that he should have met her sooner before meeting all his exes(This was his message to Caroline Marcha on valentine’s day. What a friendship right?)

Caroline Marcha enjoying a moment with MC kats

The news did not go down well for Caroline as she has decided to pay him back by parading herself as she was having the time of her life with a fellow media personality, Jacob Omutuuze. In a video that has been making rounds on social media, Marcha is having fun and is laughing so loudly that the penguins in Antarctica can automatically hear her laughter.

In the video, she taunts Jacob, mentioning that he is too lucky because he surely has a wife who takes very good care of him. Jacob is heard laughing this off, mentioning that he is single and in other words, ‘ba ex be bona baffa’ (all his exes are dead)

Caroline Marcha giving Jacob Omutuuze angle 45°

Caroline then is seen leaning closer to him as she laughs, then she goes all in, asking if there is no problem for a girl like her to take Jacob out for a date, to which he affirms that there is surely no one that will beat her up or take offence if ahe chooses to take him out.

Netizens have already started pulling their hair out, mentioning that this could be the newest couple on the block. They are however waiting for a comment from MC Kats as they are sure this video is meant to pull a reaction from him.

Leticia Nambaziira

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