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Priscilla Zawedde alias Azawi came out to announce her soon to happen concert that is slated for 22nd July, 2022. The concert has been dubbed ‘Balvk Shines better’ and the preparations to hold this grand concert are ongoing by her record label, swangz avenue. With many in anticipation of this concert, it did not go well with a few Netizens as they have a few qualms about this concert.

Many jaws dropped as Netizens got to learn that Azawi, who was new to the record label was granted a concert by Swangz avenue whereas their veteran singer, Winnie Nwagi had not even come close to smelling a concert. This left many disappointed as they mentioned that she deserved better treatment and respect as she has been in both the industry and the record label longer than the newbie Azawi.


Winnie Nwagi however came out to hush the Netizens, mentioning that she was shocked at the light in which her fans saw this and deeply read into it after all it is just a concert. Winnie Nwagi mentioned that she didn’t want anyone comparing her to Azawi as they are different brands and she also went ahead to clarify that It was azawi’s time so her time was to come as well.

I expected it. I expected many people to comment on it that way. But Azawi is Azawi, and Winnie Nwagi is Winnie Nwagi. These are two different artists. It is also not my time yet. This is azawi’s time. My time will also come.

Winnie nwagi

As if that was not enough to drop jaws of Netizens, upon seeing the poster of azawi’s concert, many were left dizzy with the prices of attendance. Ordinary is to pay 50,000/= while VIP is to pay 100,000/=. This is a message in its entirety that if you feel the economy is squeezing you, wait for the scoop from the concert in the comfort of your home.

Leticia Nambaziira

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