He says he lives and breathes Muhoozi and no one can change that.
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Balam Barugahara refuses to quit Team Muhoozi despite the bid to push him away.

Recently, singer Eddy Kenzo chose to join Team Muhoozi, a group of people that have decided to give their all to support the first son Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s bid to join the presidential race in 2026. This is a bold move that many are afraid to take because they are scared of what the opposition could do to them.

We have witnessed singers like Big eye regretting their decisions to join the NRM camp to an extent that they now want out. Big eye has recently released a song that is condemning the government over the high commodity prices and he was heard pleading to the government to come in with a solution to rescue Ugandans from this pit. Many have deemed this as a bid to try to escape the claws of NRM and try to revive his music career.

Balam enjoying a light moment with the president

Singers like Bebe cool who has always frontlined the Muhoozi projects has had life threatening events recently where a UPDF soldier almost blew his brains out. This is the great risk that comes with choosing the NRM camp as we have been able to sight in recent events.

Events organizer Balam Barugahara however has come out to mention that he is not about to quit Team Muhoozi or NRM for that matter. He mentioned that he lives and breathes Muhoozi and has supported him and his father his entire life so he will not leave Team Muhoozi despite all the hurdles that come his way. He mentioned that there were people trying to fight him and throw him off track in Team Muhoozi camp itself but he will never pack his bags.


I walk and breathe Muhoozi. For all the years I have supported Muhoozi and his father, I am not ready to give up despite the negative comments I hear among from some of you seated here.

Balam Barugahara

Balam said all this over the weekend at a ceremony organized by Team Muhoozi members to celebrate the youth who continue to gather support for Gen. Muhoozi. This comes to prove that within the camp itself, there is someone fighting him but he is not ready to stop fighting because if his love for Muhoozi.

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