She encouraged them to keep to their goals, the would achieve in the end.

Famous sensational singer Martha Mukisa has also had a long journey as an individual way back before her music career. She was also a child and also a student so she can easily relate with students without any trouble at all.

Recently, the ‘sango’ singer was invited to the Fresher’s ball at Kyambogo University where she went gladly, having been a student at the University as well. Martha Mukisa graduated from Kyambogo University with a diploma in Textile Technology.

Martha Mukisa

Before her performance she encouraged students to do everything in their might to stay away from the harmful substances like drugs she mentioned that they may look cool to use but the health complications that come from them are beyond imaginable so they are not all that cool.

Some of you think that if you use drugs or consume alcohol, it is fashionable. You tend to forget drugs and alcohol take a hold of your free will and you will do anything to get the money to buy the alcohol or drugs

Martha Mukisa
Martha Mukisa

She also ahead went to tell students to hold onto their goals. Ahe mentioned that for some, it may take a while while for others it could be soon but as long as they set their goals, they would eventually make it to the top.

Everything has its own time. Just set your goals and go for them. If they don’t work out, try out something else. You will surely hit the jackpot along the way

Martha Mukisa

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