She says they are just friends and everyone should respect that.

A series oF events unfolded for Sasha Brighton, a struggling musician after she broke up with her then boyfriend who was known as Herbert Shonga. As soon as she broke up with him, she was rumored to be dating the Wakiso Giants FC Boss known as Musa Atagenda.

Sasha and Musa were sighted as they got so close to eavh other during the time she had called it quits with her then boyfriend. Many mentioned that she had run to Musa to seek comfort after having faced a terrible heartbreak in her relationship. The pair was always sighted together, getting cozy and enjoying fun moments together.

Sasha Brighton

The rumors were fueled up when Sasha Brighton mothered a child and many immediately pointed fingers at Musa, naming him the father of the newborn child. This could be blamed on the fact that Sasha Brighton refused to mention the father of the child publicly, giving an excuse that he never wanted to be mentioned Infront of media.

Sasha has however come out to deny claims that the child she had belongs to Musa as she mentioned that she was only friends with the Wakiso Giants FC Boss and there was nothing more to that. She also mentioned that she was not to mention the father of her child and that no one has the right to ask her who he is because his name will not appear in the media.

Musa Atagamba

I was friends with Musa but he is not the father of my child. He wants to be kept private and he doesn’t like the media so I pray you respect that

sasha Brighton.

Leticia Nambaziira

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