He says he is friends with the B2C boys and he can never betray them.
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Singer chosen Blood denies having snatched Mr.Lee’s girlfriend.

The hot singer Chosen Blood has not had a smooth road with his relationships so far. There was a time he was troubled over the swangz avenue bad gurl Winnie Nwagi. He was smitten by her and during that time, they did a project together that was dubbed ‘yitayo ondabeko‘. He then confessed his feelings for her, something the public did not agree with because he was younger than her.

Chosen Blood and Nwagi chose to ignore these qualms and continue with their romantic affair, something that did not last long because they were two different people and ofcourse Nwagi is known for not settling down in a relationship. Ever since that time, Chosen Blood has kept all his love affairs off of the internet and has been secretive about them.

Chosen Blood

Having released a song recently, in the song he was lamenting about a lost love which he regretted so much and would do anything to revive. Netizens however interpreted the message and tried to connect dots to who he could be missing. According to rumors, it all pointed to a lover of The B2C’s Mr. Lee since the two had hit it off so well as friends.

The rumor grew and turned humongous until Chosen Blood decided to come out about it and clear the air. During an interview, he mentioned that he could never betray any of the B2C boys since they were his good friends and they even go to gym together. He mentioned that he had never snatched any of their women or their ex lovers for that matter and he wasn’t planning to do such a thing.


Chosen Blood mentioned that the song in question was about a certain ex lover of his, unlike what people thought that it is about Mr. Lee’s girlfriend.

That’s not true. The song is about my past love with someone, not Mr. Lee’s girlfriend. He is my fellow artist. The B2C boys are my friends. I have never snatched any of their girls we go to the gym together and we are cool.

chosen blood

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