The reason that led to a split between Irene Ntale and Singer Vinka is sadly not a very trivial reason at all. Back in the day, Vinka was not an artiste but rather she was the manager to musician Irene Ntale. This entire situation happened six years ago.

Singer Irene Ntale is reported to have abandoned the video shoot of a song that they were working on, which in turn did not do well for the song as it did not go as viral as the pair had intended it to. This angered the then manager, Vinka and it also resulted into Ntale choosing to leave the label and focus on starting up a career somewhere else.

Vinka and ntale

In retaliation, Vinka also decided to launch her career as a singer and she did hit it big in her career. We must agree that when it comes to careers, Vinka has had a brighter and more successful one. Where Irene disappeared off the grid and stopped producing music, Vinka has been going strong with a variety of hits.

Vinka has however come out to mention that the two have not even met for over a year due to the fact that she changed the contact that she was using by the time the two were still in touch. She confessed that she did it to stay away from Ntale.

Vinka and ntale

Since I changed the contacts on which we used to communicate to each other, I have never talked to her again


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