Uganda’s kickboxing champion, Moses Golola has announced that he is set to retire on December 9, 2022. He however has mentioned that before his retirement, he hava various activities to sort out and work upon , among which includes a fight with the a South sudanese champion Majok.

I am preparing for my retirement fight. I am going to fight with James Majoka. I am bringing James Majok here in Uganda on December 9th

moses golola

Golola went ahead to mention that the other programs he has in mind are to plant as many as half a million trees inorder to curb the issue of climatic changes and also improve the environment as well as activities of climbing mountain Muhavura and rwenzori which is meant to boost the tourism sector of the country.

We have a huge program. We are going to climb Mt Rwenzori. We are going to promote kickboxing all-over Uganda. We want to use this campaign to plant trees because our climate is in danger. I am going to visit all political leaders; from His Excellence the President. I tell him, the nature is getting finished. We want to use sports to protect our nature. If we all come together, we can save our nature

moses Golola

When asked why he wanted to retire early, he mentioned that he wanted to reserve energy to work on making his academy great as he wants to be the voice of the young champions.

I want to promote the young talent. I am going to do the talking, they are going to do the fighting because here in Uganda, if I am not doing the fight, there is no kickboxing. So, I want to retire, and give space to the young people


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