Her concert collides with that of the B2C boys.

It has been Almost three long years without Juliana gracing the stage to perform or sing at a concert. Many of her fans and followers have undoubtedly missed her to the maximum and can not wait for this concert to unfold.(yes, revelers are always ready to spend some dime).

Juliana was highly anticipated to sing along with other artistes during mothers day at Jazz picnic, something she failed to do as she let her fans down, refusing to sing. Juliana has however taken to her social media to announce that she will be holding a concert soon that will be dubbed Juliana Live at Serena’ and will happen on a Friday 19th August 2022.

Juliana Kanyomozi

Revelers are expected to spend 150,000 Ugandan shillings for an ordinary ticket as they head to Serena hotel to celebrate Juliana Kanyomozi’s music career. Many however are in anticipation and they don’t plan to miss the concert for anything in the world however much some revelers are complaining that it has been over priced (Give Juliana a break, this is her comeback,)

The concert however is colliding with the famous B2C boys concert that is meant to be held at Freedom City. Some fans are claiming that they are going to be torn apart because they may not be able to attend one of the concerts.

Juliana kanyomozi

Word is going around however that Juliana’s concert may flop since people may choose to aggend the cheaper one but other people are claiming that the two sing totaly different genres and each one of them has their own fan base.

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