The ongoing beef could tear the label Swangs Avenue apart if not addressed carefully.

The famous saying that goes history repeats itself must be coming to pass. Since time imemorial, there have always been quite a number of internal struggles most specifically between the female stars at one of the major record labels in the industry, Swangz Avenue.

There was once a time when Singer Irene Ntale was also attached to the label but as soon as fresh blood Winnie Nwagi was brought in, all the attention was switched from Ntale to Nwagi, making Ntale quit the label. Ntale felt like Nwagi was receiving special treatment and was being favored by management.


Rushing backswiftly, Azawi is the newbie that came into Swangz Avenue and snatched all the attention from the veterans of the record label, vinka and Winnie Nwagi. Since she came, she has released more songs than any of them and she even got a maiden concert, (one which nwagi has never gotten despite the years she has spent in Swangz Avenue) which she is also pricing insanely and it is slated for July.

Recently, Nwagi came out to reveal that she did not harbor any issues with Azawi and her concert because it was her time to shine and Nwaginwas sure she would also get her own time to shine and she will make her fans collapse with ecstacy when a concert is staged for her. Fans however are still unconvinced that Nwagi does not feel jealous that a newbie has surpassed her.

Winnie Nwagi

Next in line was vinka who has also come out to address the issue of the ongoing rumor. Vinka mentioned that she has no issues with Azawi and that at the drecord label, all of them are like sisters and no one hates the other like the rumors insinuate.

Me and Azawi are on good terms I don’t know where people get all this they say that we are beefing. At swangz Avenue we are sisters, we support each other and that’s all we have. We have no time for hatred


Leticia Nambaziira

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