Even when they have different fan bases, this is an act of betrayal.

A month back, the B2C trio announced their concert at Freedom City that is slated for 19th of August. Ever aince their announcement, they have been making preparations smoothly and everything has been going on well. Recently however, they were shocked when fellow singer Juliana came out to announce her concert at Serena Hotel on the same day. (Definitely being considered a copy cat huh)

Juliana did not bat an eye as She Has maintained her concert on that day. Many fans were not pleased with this news as they called Juliana an intruder( I mean to a certain point she is). A debate already started as to whom is most ljky to have a successful concert and whose is most likely to flop and the odds are surely against Juliana Kanyomozi.

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Recently, DJ Bexx, a famous Deejay has come out to disapprove of Juliana’s act, saying it was a very selfish move to stage her concert when she was well aware that the day had been booked by another artiste. He mentioned that he was aware that the two sung different music and they could be having different fan bases but such an act would still affect the singers nevertheless.

DJ Bexx condemned Juliana mentioning that this was not the first time such a thing happened because she did the same thing to Rema Namakula back in 2013 as she staged her ‘Eddiba‘ concert just when Rema had announced her ‘kukaliba‘ concert, something that truly did not go well with the public.

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DJ Bexx went ahead to mention that despite the fact that the singing trio and Juliana could be targeting different audiences, it was still unfair for Juliana to do such a thing because in the end, it was to affect the artistes and their music.

This is the second time Juliana is putting up a date when another artist has put up a date. First was with rema and now this. They may not have the same target crowd but still it affects bog time. Anyway, all the best to all. It’s a pity.”  DJ Bexx posted.

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