The two have been friends for quite some time.

Zari the boss lady believes in the saying that goes ‘You only live once‘. She believes that she has to do everything in this world that makes her happy. As long as she is happy, she would never mind the discomfort of others, she would never mind what goes in in their heads and she would never mind what anyone says about her.

We have seen Zarı mingle and dine with loads of men(by laods of men I mean Loads of men) from the old to the young. All the way from Ivan semwanga, her baby daddy, Diamond Platinumz (also her baby daddy), Grenade official (maybe she was his sugar mama), GK Choppa and her most recent South African adventure of a boy toy.

Zarı Hassan

In all this romping history, never had a lady surfaced before. Zari H however come out to shock Netizens once more after she was seen at a hangout enjoying the time of her life in the company of the beautiful Pearl Thusi, a South African model, actress and Presenter. They were having a fun night and spicing it up with some liquor. Now this did not raise eyebrows at all.

What purturbed Netizens was the two ladies getting closer to each other and laughing hysterically. They then resorted to whispering into each other’s ears, not minding the attention they were pulling from the onlookers. Infront of the camera, Zari the bosslady boldly kissed Pearl Thusi( yes, she grabbed her and engulfed her in a kiss) . Thusi welcomed her with out any hesitation.

Zarı hassan

sovial media has been in a daze as the video has been making rounds very fast. No one saw the kiss coming and boy did it look too real. Many Netizens are exploring the fact that zarı could be tired of heartbreaks from men that she is deciding to explore women. Others however are calling it a harmless act between two friends whereas others claim this is just another stunt by zarı in a bid to get attention to herself.

Leticia Nambaziira

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