Lydia Jazmine and Bushingtone were lovers hence their seperation could have been caused by that

There were specific rumors going around that Lydia Jazmine was not simply Mulindwa’s counterpart in the music arena and Jazmine did not only see him as a Manager but rather as a man. It is said that the two have been dating for quite some time. On Lydia jazmine’s birthday, Mulindwa gifted her with a car, something that caused Netizens to raise an eyebrow to their relationship.

Lydia Jazmine has been denying everything however saying the car was bought with her own money to aid her in transportation. Recently however, there have been disagreements between Lydia and Mulindwa after he found out that she has been breaching their three year contract and looking for bookings without his notice.

Lydia and Mulindwa standing Infront of their matching cars

It is said that the contract is soon ending and that could have been the reason as to why Lydia was looking for side gigs to make some extra cash(I mean, a woman has to survive). He advised her to stop going behind his back in a bid to look for gigs, something she did not take well hence causing a split between the two.

Lydia Jazmine has come out to confess that she is actually considering going back to do business with her former manager Bushingtone. According o Lydia, the two are good friends and they can strike a deal and come to an agreement. She says that all the things that happened in the past to seperate them are long forgotten as they get along so well.


Bushingtone and I are still friends, we can work together. I have no problem with him. When we separated our disagreements were not music related, so we can still do business

Lydia Jazmine

Leticia Nambaziira

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