He says he felt disrespected by producer Eddy Dee.

Recently, producer Eddy Dee was locked out of his studio, Acton Records as he had accumulated a very heavy debt of 4million Ugx. Out of options, Eddy Dee called out all the musicians he had ever worked with, urging them to be of assistance to him at his time of need. Among the artists he had called out was the malamu singer Pallaso.

Eddy Dee, in the video asking for financial rescue mentioned that in the first place, he had run bankrupt because of helping out musicians to produce their music without even paying him. He mentioned that some of them did not pay him but rather promised to pay him off at a later date, something he agreed with because of his generosity.

Eddy Dee

He mentioned however that the same artistes failed to fulfill their promises but yet they failed to also stand with him at his very worst time, in his time of need. Pallaso did a gentleman’s role and sent the producer 1 Million Ugx to aid him in paying off his accumulated debts.

During an interview with Bukedde TV, Pallaso expressed his disappointment in Eddy Dee for calling him out like that via social media to ask for his aid. He mentioned that he should have called him personally since this was not the first time he was helping him out financially.


Pallaso mentioned that he fell disrespected and also unpleased about the whole thing because in all the times he has worked with the producer, he has never failed to pay up all his money as he always clears him instantly.

Pallaso also mentioned that Eddy Dee was ungrateful because pallaso was a stepping stone to his success considering that most of the songs Pallaso did with the producer turned into hit songs.

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